NIRVANAApr 10 2017:

Greetings, Mighty Kings and Beautiful Queens ! Welcome to our Kumari world. I am Nirvana. I have been given an important task to guide you and update you with our latest stories.
“.... Well you will be wondering who am I. Well I am the hero for this great game” . “.......GOT you , I was just kidding. Wait for more updates !

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Tale of Three KingdomsApr 10 2017:

Tale of Three Kingdoms is a tactics RPG that is set in a mythical continent called Kumari, and in this continent has three major kingdoms, Chola, Chera, and Pandya fighting for control over the territories. While the territory wars are happening, a huge responsibility is bestowed on a young warrior to help reclaim the territories that Chola Kingdom used to have while he makes the decision to help a young prince dominate the whole continent for the Chola Kingdom or find the princess that he loves.

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CharctersApr 10 2017:

Meet "Deva" our hero of the game. Deva is a warrior from an exile kingdom. He was raised by sundara chola when he was orphaned. He hardened his skills along with the emperor's son "Arul". While his skills matches second to Arul, He also valued his friendship more than anything despite the fact his heart is with the emperor's daughter "kaavya". We will keep updating :)

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